How and Where to configure Storage Devices in ClusterLogics GUI

How and Where to configure Storage Devices in ClusterLogics GUI

ClusterLogics - Hosted Customers
  • to utilize your own storage devices with the hosted edition, you simply navigate to "storages > install storage" and follow the wizard.  you will be prompted for any dependencies - and also need to ensure your firewalls are configured to allow communication between various components.  Please install the SSH key if you want the ClusterLogics GUI to show data usage metrics and update packages, etc from the GUI
  • to utilize the ClusterLogics Cloud Storage - simply purchase the cloud storage space you require, and then in the add server or add vm
    wizard, you would choose the appropriate cloud storage to create your backup storage pool (instead of using your own storage device which will only populate if you added a storage device to the system)

ClusterLogics - Self Hosted Customers
  • an extra layer vs the hosted edition as you will have your own admin panel
  • within the admin panel, you will create a "user" level account which will be your primary account for all of your devices
  • LAN SD's - are installed within the specific end user account where your servers and VMs are added
  • WAN SD's - are actually installed in the admin account, and are then available to all "user" level accounts (if you have multiple user level accounts for whatever reason)
  • BaaS Storage Zones - configured in the end user account level.  If you require a WAN SD to be in a BaaS storage zone, go to the admin panel, and change the ownership of the SD you are working with from "admin" user to "your end user" account

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